How to install the wallet and solve sync issues

  • How to install the Wallet?

    1. Download the Jumpcoin-qt.exe on…ownload/1/jumpcoin-qt.exe

    2. After downloading the exe you can move it to the Desktop ( not necessary but practically)

    3. Now run the downloaded jumpcoin-qt.exe

    4. If your antivirus program alerts you you must add the jumpcoin-qt.exe to the exclusion role.

    5. Also Windows can alert you, there you must click on more information and then on execute

    6.Now your Wallet should be installed

    If the Wallet doesn't sync:

    1. Download the jumpcoin.conf there:

    2. Replace the .conf in this folder (C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\jumpcoin)

    Now the Wallet should sync, but it can take time so be patient.

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