Jumpcoin Telegram Bot now published

  • Oplin here!

    Today we want to present our first project to you.

    On Telegram you can find our bot at @JumpcoinCommunityBot.

    What does the bot do?

    --> show the current market value

    --> show the coin supply

    --> show the block count

    --> many other features are soon to come!

    Due to technical difficulties the time till the bot replies can be upwards of 5 minutes.

    The code behind the bot is entirely written by us which may cause problems that would have been avoided if we used another method.

    It is for sure though that this is a problem we noted and will be fixing soon!

    Since we've been testing the bot for quite some time now we are assured the bot doesn't have any other major bugs!

    In case you find any bugs we didn't find we appreciate your notification about it! Currently this is only possible here in this forum

    Stay tuned for regular updates to make the project a lot more interesting than it already is!

    Additionally we wanted to shout out our telegram channel one more time, where you will be able to find all the latest news not necessarily posted on CoiNerd.